LESSON PLANS FOR Vocational Technical Labs

Wood and Metal Labs



On Oct. 19,2000

The first meeting of area schools involved in the Middle Ages in Motion Project met at STCC to discuss the feasibility of designing and building a full size trebuchet a medieval siege engine.

Wood was chosen as the material of choice, the trebuchet's main beam (Throwing arm) is to be a 10" x 12" x 101 piece of hemlock, the machine can be only 81 in width with the length and height size to be determined by design.

Oct. 23, 2000

Showed the NOVA video about trebuchet to my shop students, two students Brian and Brandon decided to become involve in the project. Brian and Brandon attended two of your physics classes, one that involved torque. Brandon has since lost interest in the project.

On line to find sites involved with trebuchets, spent 2 hr. looking at different sites.

On line to review sites about trebuchets, checked on Grey Company, Royal Armories Education, and Medieval period woodworking.

On Nov. 13, 2000

Attended the second meeting about the trebuchet project, some discussion about size and safety, properties of wood handout discussed.

On Nov. 17, 2000

Mr. Silas Kopf visited the school. I took him on a tour of the carpentry shop and we discussed having a carpentry shop teacher involved with the project and the possibility of making some woodcutting tools.

I have talked to Dan Carroll in the machine shop about what steel we can use to fabricate medieval woodworking tools.

During the months of Nov. and Dec. Brian began working on his drawing of his trebuchet, he has decided to use aluminum and steel to fabricate the trebuchet. With his preliminary drawing approved by you, it is now with Carl Ingrahm in drafting, he has decided to use a lead counterweight for the beam, he fabricated an aluminum mold for the lead pour.

On line at Historic Trebuchet Illustrations Part 1 to 5.

On Dec. 11. 2000

The third meeting about the project. Discussed new type of projectile due to Armory concerns about grounds, also, discussed launch date.

On Jan. 19, 2001

Silas Kopf demonstrated how to cut an mortise and tenon for the carpentry, metal fab. / welding and physics students who will be involved in building the full size trebuchet. There will be at least 3 metal fab. / welding students for constructing the machine.

Brian missed the egg launch In Jan. but he is still working on the machine.

The work on the trebuchet continued with the help of Eric, Brian, Tony, Greg, and Jim. The work consisted of heating a piece of round stock and hammering into an oval shape to form the sling holder, the fabrication of the metal bands to hold the sling holder and to reinforce the taped portion of the beam.

We also assembled the main frame of the machine, drilling holes and pinning the beam arm and braces to the main frame, set and pin the wheels to the axles. The layout, shearing, punching and welding of parts for the adjustable axle for the beam, and the installation of the trunnion on the beam.

The fabrication of the weight bucket and cutting the necessary weight, setup and location of the safety chain and firing pin location, final assembly and mounting of the beam to the main frame.

Test firing of the trebuchet and fine tuning of the sling.

Mr. Clark, Mr. Ingham, Mr. Stychaowitz, and Mr. Gassnola worked on the machine.