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Overview of the Middle Ages

Lesson Overview

Grade 9 Author-Recommended Grade Span

Lesson Length 50 minutes Lesson Number 4 of 4

Unit or Course Middle Ages in Motion

Topic Social, Economic and Political Concepts

State Standards

6402 History and Social Science History

Historical Understanding. Students will understand the meaning, implications, and importance of historical events, while recognizing the contingency and unpredictability of history - how events could have taken other directions - by studying past ideas as they were thought, and past events as they were lived, by people of the time.

Students understand past ideas as they were thought, and past events as they were lived, by people at different times and places.

6401 History and Social Science History

Chronology and Cause. Students will understand the chronological order of historical events and recognize the complexity of historical cause and effect, including the interaction of forces from different spheres of human activity, the importance of ideas, and of individual choices, actions, and character.

Students grasp the multiplicity of factors from each sphere of life in both the long term and short term causes of historical turning points. Students recognize the role of chance, accident, or confusion in important events, when seemingly minor acts bring forth enormous consequences.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the lesson, students will be able to:

1. Understand how the Feudal system was organized.

2. Discuss the economic situations Kings and nobles faced under the feudal system.

3. Understand why Kings and nobles developed siege weapons to defend and destroy invaders.

4. Understand the role that the Roman Catholic Church played in the Medieval Age

Essential Questions

What conditions existed in Europe during the Middle Ages?

Materials/Resources Needed

Teacher Background/Resources

What previous student knowledge is necessary?

Mode of Instruction Multiple Intelligences

[*] Whole Class [I Independent Activity [] Musical [*] Linguistic [] Intrapersonal

[] Small Group El Demonstration [] Bodily-Kinesthetic [] Spatial [] Naturalistic [ ] Partner [] Logical-Mathernatical [] Interpersonal

Instructional Strategies (Activities and Procedures)

1. Students will be given information on the Catholic Church, the feudal system and the political make up of Europe during the Middle Ages. 2. The class will discuss how the feudal system influenced the social and economic lives of Europeans.

Author David Mendrala Date 6/11/2001

District or Organization Chicopee Comprehensive High School Copyright Aftribution

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Overview of the Middle Ages

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