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History Field Trip to UMASS Library for Research


Lesson Overview Students will learn how to use the resources and technology available at a major university.


Grade                          9                                        Author-Recommended Grade Span

Lesson Length            4 hours                                                                   Lesson Number 2 of 4


Unit or Course            Middle Ages in Motion

Topic                            UMASS Library


State Standards


64031 History and Social Science                                       History


Research, Evidence, and Point of View. Students will acquire the ability to frame questions that can be answered by historical study and research; collect, evaluate, and employ information from primary and secondary sources, and to apply it in oral and written presentations. They will understand the many kinds of uses of evidence; and comparing competing historical narratives, they will differentiate historical fact from historical interpretation and from fiction.


Students understand how various historical interpretations can vary according to prevailing orthodoxies of the period of their writing.


6406     History and Social Science                                     History


Interdisciplinary Learning: Natural Science, Mathematics, and Technology History. Students will describe and explain major advances, discoveries, and interventions over time in natural science, mathematics, and technology; explain some of their effects and influences in the past and present on human life, thought, and health, including use of natural resources, production and distribution and consumption of goods, exploration, warfare, and communication. (See also relevant strands in the Massachusetts Mathematics, Science and Technology Curriculum Frameworks.)


Students learn of technological advances in food production and distribution and test hypotheses to explain the persistence of hunger, starvation, and localized famine.


Students understand essentials and effects of major 19th and 20th century scientific theories.


6401     History and Social Science                                     History


Chronology and Cause. Students will understand the chronological order of historical events and recognize the complexity of historical cause and effect, including the interaction of forces from different spheres of human activity, the importance of ideas, and of individual choices, actions, and character.


Students grasp the multiplicity of factors from each sphere of life in both the long term and short term causes of historical turning points. Students recognize the role of chance, accident, or confusion in important events, when seemingly minor acts bring forth enormous consequences.


Student Learning Outcomes


At the completion of the lesson, students will be able to:


  1. Identify the resources that are used in researching a topic. 2. Use the resources available to locate information on a particular topic. 3. Compile an annotated bibliography of the sources that were located.
  2. Essential Questions Will students be able to fully utilize the resources available to them to complete their presentation.
  3. Materials/Resources Needed Resources available at the WASS library.




Field Trip



Mode of Instruction                                           Multiple Intelligences


[*] Whole Class [*] Independent Activity         [] Musical                      [] Linguistic       [] Intrapersonal

[*] Small Group   [] Demonstration                  [] Bodily‑Kinesthetic    [] Spatial                  [] Naturalistic

[] Partner                                                            [*] Logical‑Mathernatical   [*]Interpersonal


Instructional Strategies (Activities and Procedures)

1. Students will be transported to the UMASS library.


2. Students will be instructed on the technology available at the UMASS library, including the use of periodicals, online

e‑sources, EBSCO and the software made available by UMASS.


Assessment Strategies

Students will be assessed based on their ability to use a variety of technological resources.


Technology Skills Required and Developed



Electric Library

UMASS E-Catalog


Author                                      David Mendrala                                         Date 6/11/2001


District or Organization Chicopee Comprehensive High School        


Field Trip                                                                                                                                                 

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