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Mr. Mendrala's History Log


November 29 - 30,2000


Students watched a film by PBS on the Trebuchet and the components of the siege weapon to give them an idea of what type of weapon was used during the Middle Ages. A general class discussion followed on the Middle Ages and the differences compared to other time periods.


December 5, 2000


Students lead a class discussion on what role the class will play in the project. The class decides to create a Middle Age village that will be authentic in most regards. Research is the next step based on class discussion.


December 6, 2000


The class is given a lesson on how to cite sources such as a book, encyclopedia, magazine, Internet site, etc. This information will be used when the class goes to the library to find information on the time period for their village.


December 7 - 8, 2000


Students spent two days in the school library finding as many books that are related to the Middle Ages in any area. Students then created a bibliography of the resources that are available in the CCHS library. The school librarians then catalog the books into the computer creating a Middle Ages topic list for future students to use in their research.


December 11, 2000


Students lead a class discussion on what specific areas will be researched in the Middle Ages. Five major areas of research are decided on and groups are formed for research purposes.


December 12 - 15, 2000


Using all of the resources available in the school library, students work in‑groups collecting as much information on their topics as possible. Each group keeps a bibliography of the sources that are used that will be displayed in the final project.


January 17, 2001


Students take a field trip to the University of Massachusetts Library. There, students are given a tour by a reference librarian and given instruction on how to use the resources and technology that is available at the library. Students are given time to research.


February 26-28


Students work together in groups to finalize their presentations. A list of resources needed is completed. Students design their presentations.


March 19-23


Students create their presentations and work with the carpentry classes during the construction phase.


April 30 - May 8


Students complete the finish work on their projects including their visual aids and completed bibliographies for the presentation. All loose ends are tied up. Project is completed and ready for presentation at the Middle Ages in Motion Fair at STCC.


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