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Identify remaining members of teacher teams in each school district and meet with STCC Team to launch project. (Training Session I): review relationship of project to Curriculum Frameworks; review requirements/ expectations; set up contracts for participation and procedures for expenditures. September 2000
Teacher teams begin work with high school physics/math classes. October 2000
Training Session II at STCC for physics/math

teachers, with agenda to include assignment of journal and portfolio "keepers" for each project. (see evaluation section)

November 2000
Construction Consultant begins visiting schools to help teachers prepare for design/building phase. November 2000
Training Session III at STCC: math/physics/technology teachers December 2000
STCC Construction, Safety, and History consultants meet with shop, history, and art teachers at schools to explore related aspects of project. January 2001
Training Session IV: STCC Team visits schools for trial launching. late February 2001
Construction consultant works on site with individual teachers to remedy problems, finalize mechanics of projects. March 2001
Training Session V at STCC: math, physics, technology, history, and art teachers. Full scope of project finalized. Exhibition day planned. April 2001
Exhibition Day on College Green May 2001
Evaluations completed and discussed. Plans for new year outlined. Follow-up In-Service Day and/or Conference Presentation planned/ scheduled.. June 2001
Final reports and completed lesson plans for Project written up, with plans for dissemination, replication or expansion. July-September 2001



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