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Listing, by last name:

bulletClark, James
bulletGassnola, Philip
bulletPirog, Joanne
bulletIngram, Carl
bulletMendrala, David
bulletGil, Janice

Clark, James

Physics Educator
CCHS Project Director

Lead Physics Teacher
(413) 594-3555

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Gassnola, Phillip


Mr. Gassnola assisting Mr. Clark's Physics Students with their Project.

Welding and Metal Fabrication Educator
Lead Technology Teacher
(413) 594-3555

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Pirog, Joanne

Mathematics Educator

Lead Math Teacher
(413) 594-3555

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Ingram, Carl

Caption goes here.

Computer Aided Drafting Educator
(413) 594-3534

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Mendrala, David


Mr. Mendrala

History Educator
Lead History Teacher
(413) 594-3534

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Gil, Janice


 Mrs. Gil

Business Educator
Web Page Design Teacher
(413) 594-3534

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